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Terms and Conditions

For the purposes of these terms & conditions “we” relates to mis-soldmortgage (a trading style of Amber Claims Management. “You” relates to you, the customer and engager of the website.

What this agreement covers

This agreement covers:

  1. a) the use of our www.mis-soldmortgages.co.uk website, and
  2. b) communications with www.mis-soldmortgages.co.uk

www.mis-soldmortgage.com is the website that handles any claims management activities.

Personal information:

We may use your information:

  • To assist with your enquiry
  • To provide our services to you
  • To assist with employee training and monitoring which may include call monitoring,  emails or text messages that you may send to us, or we may send to you;
  • To maintain and or monitor our IT and communication systems;
  • To review your use of our services for marketing purposes, including, but not limited to, the pages of our site you review and browsing history

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